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Dreamy Seas Mommy and Me Set

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Dreamy Seas Mommy and Me Set

Who doesn't love the opportunity to match with their little one? Snag this cute set and start giving your hair the protection it deserves. 

The adult bonnet is reversible and made with 100% satin for Adults and fit up to mid length hair. Big and roomy enough for braided styles, locs.

The kids bonnet is intended to fit children up to the age of 5 years old. Fits snug but not tight. No falling off even for wild sleepers.

What are you waiting for ?

Our handcrafted 100% satin products were created with the intention of giving your hair the protection and luxury it craves. Now you can look forward to:

- Healthier hair

- Moisturised hair

- Shiny Hair

- High quality products

Each product comes with a cute free sticker, stick it on your laptop, notebook, EVERYWHERE!

 This product ships from Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean). 

Please allow up to 3 days for orders to be processed. 

Delivery time for orders are:

Trinidad and Tobago: 2 days

Rest of Caribbean: 7-10 days

US/Canada- 18-21 days 

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