Your Secret to Better Hair Days...

Who knew the most hair magic happened while you sleep?

Ditch the cotton and get your best beauty sleep with our satin products :)

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You deserve to have your best hair day, everyday. Our mission is to curate products that help you achieve that; with quality and style in mind.

  • Woman owned

    Crown & Luxe was founded by a girl with thick natural hair who couldn't find a bonnet on the market that fit her fro.

  • Handmade

    All our bonnets are handmade.

  • Caribbean Brand

    We originate from the beautiful island of Tobago which influences our bold and unique colour combinations. 

  • Made from high quality fabric

    Only the best satin fibers for the best hair protection

Celebrate all hairstyles with our custom print.

  • @stylenbeautydoc, Blogger

    "These bonnets are HUGE and can fit so much hair inside, plus they work when I had braids, updos, twists, ponytails- you name it!"

  • @jaleesacharisse, Blogger

    "Before selecting the wig, there's the bonnet. I'll be rocking Crown & Luxe from now on."

  • @aishabeau Blogger

    In our gorgeous Luxe Satin Scarf

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  • I love my scarf! It feels so soft and stays on all night!- lolitaridleykoduo on our Caramel Custom Scarf

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  • These bonnets are amazing!! The quality of the fabric is perfect, and it stays on my head comfortably all night.-Kyley on our GreenxGold Bonnet

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  • I love these silky satin scarfs for my hair. I have brought 5 of them and will continue to buy. Rashanna on our Luxe Satin Scarfs

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