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Crown and Luxe

Luxe Satin Scarf

Luxe Satin Scarf

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Gorgeous and silky smooth satin scarves perfect for wrapping hair and creating fun hairstyles, laying edges or keeping hair protected at night.

Dimensions: 36 inches * 36 inches


 -Preserves styles

-Keeps hair moisturised

-Reduces frizz

-Can be used as a top/belt/bag accessory


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"The quality is amazing! Doesn't slip or fall off while sleeping, and it feels lightweight and airy'- Gail

  • Large Size

    Accomodating size for long/thick hair up to waist length. Perfect for added hair styles such as braids, locs, wigs, weaves.

  • Handmade

    All bonnets are handmade by us. So much love and attention goes into our final product.

  • Protective Satin

    Satin ensures the moisture stays on your hair. Reduce friction while you sleep; thus eliminating frizz and splits in hair.

  • Stylish

    Our bonnets feature either reversible satin on both sides or or a high quality ankara cotton with satin inner.

    Our satin scarfs are versatile and can be used for many styles.

You deserve luxe in your life.

Experience our high quality satin products and watch your hair transform!